Words. How hard can they be?

Actually, they can be fiendishly hard. The trouble is, you know all about your business. You've lived and breathed the jargon, and you're busy selling to people who are equally familiar with it.

Yet to reach a wider market you need a whole new approach. Clear and open, for new people, yet not patronising for those in the know.

Websites, press releases, social networking, e-newsletters, SEO and advertising....you can speak to clients in many ways in the digital age, with both words and images. It's draining on your time and money, and somewhat pointless if there is a clear sense behind it of what you want to say..

“Our specialists are tried and tested in their field.”

Kineks is a digital agency with a team of experts. But you work with a project manager, who takes on the task of managing each project from start to finish, however big or small the challenge. It avoids time-wasting duplication which you would get employing individuals yourself. Plus, with our contacts, you get high calibre people who we know are tried and tested both in skill and experience.

“Whatever size, whatever field we can help your business grow.”

Whether you simply want help with a domain name or a national PR campaign, we have specialists in SEO, e-commerce and web development, PR, marketing and events to help.

“Cost effective campaigns.”

An unworkable website or an ineffective ad’ campaign: these things cost SME’s a fortune in wasted time and lost opportunities.

Don’t get stuck with a website that can’t evolve and change with your business. Ours are ‘future-proof’ and put you in control. And you won’t be stung on SEO work after a site is created. We build search engine optimisation in to our websites from day one.

And we can help with the great PR that is key to attracting new customers to your site.

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